I qualified as a Sound Therapist with BAST in 2013 in the same month that I had my daughter and since then have built my own practice in the Reading and Bracknell area. Please read the testimonials of those who have been touched by my work so far:

‘This is by far the best experience I have participated in. I am absolutely in love with Gong Therapy and truly believe it makes me a better person, mother and friend. I sleep better, my moods are better and my Tinnitus goes!’
Rebecca, Mother of 4, Age 30

‘Catherine’s sessions are a truly unique experience..it’s like coming home to yourself..A beautiful, relaxing and insightful experience! Totally recommend’
Emma, Occupaional Therapist, Age 40

‘I used to go to Yoga just for the relaxation bit at the end! Now I don’t need to do that anymore- this is the blissful part at the end’
Sarah, Account Manager, Age 53

‘I have been looking for so long for something that I don’t have to DO. All my life is DOING and I needed something that was just BEING. Thank you Catherine- I have found it!’
Leila, Dental Nurse, Age 23