About Me

sound therapyFor me, getting involved in Therapeutic Sound Therapy was a powerful, intuitive ‘from the heart’ decision. Many years ago a friend handed me a leaflet where BAST (The British Academy of Sound Therapy) were advertising an open day. I immediately felt an extremely strong pull and I went along even though at that time I was busy studying at university. Throughout the day I spent at BAST I felt a strong ‘knowing’ that this was the right work for me. It was some years until I began the professional training, but from the first moment I clapped eyes on the words ‘Sound Therapy’ I never doubted my vocation in this work.

I have been a private piano teacher for almost 15 years, receiving my ATCL 2 years after graduating from Manchester University with a first class degree. I always greatly enjoyed providing the backdrop for my students’ musical journeys which so often dovetailed with their personal journey during the years. As a classically trained musician I had spent a long time searching for a way to bring my musical training and love of the spiritual path together. I yearned to bring my voice and instruments together in a way which brought healing to everyone and sound therapy was the perfect medium for this.

I have loved every moment of my discovery, training and learning. My passion is to bring the essence of this work to people who are in need of relaxation, peace or spiritual growth. It is my sincere hope that should you feel called to this work, I will have the great pleasure of facilitating your journey with therapeutic sound in the near future.